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Not Your Mom's Designer Bag

On Nursing Covers, Diaper Bags, and other Baby Products

It is without much thought that you come to the realization and conclusion that there are a lot of baby products on the market today. There are so many new products, older products redesigned and modernized and new companies challenging the status quo on what it means to make baby products. This is what today’s discussion is centered around. There is a wave of new companies that make baby products with great intention. These baby products are not absent-mindedly mass produced but are designed by parents or those who have an appreciation for parenthood. They design through empathic design and try to go into the mind of parents and give them what they need. The most common product lines in these companies are diaper bags, nursing covers or more endearing called Mommy's Nursing Covers, swaddle blankets, burp cloth etc.

For first-time expectant moms, it is usually overwhelming trying to decide what products to get and how to prepare for the arrival of the baby. For second time moms, they have already been through the process and are able to be proactive in preparation and they already have favorite products and baby items they can swear by. It’s wise for first-time moms to do their research on these products recommended by veteran parents in order to be best prepared for the arrival of their baby.  Despite there being thousands of baby products on the market, and a long list of items to buy that goes on forever, every now and then mom’s get a chance to spend on themselves. They deserve it, after all, considering all the work they put into carrying and raising a baby.

Notice that these products have a personal nature to them and are used frequently by the parent of newborns and toddlers.

Mommy's Nursing Covers

The Mummy’s nursing covers are more important than you would right away think. As the debate of if nursing in public is acceptable or not is ongoing, parents and moms especially have to go on with their daily lives and keep nursing. Babies need to eat and while in some twisted way it’s being debated if they should eat in public or not (duh! Bla Bla). It should be and is up to the moms to decide. Some moms prefer to cover up while nursing and when they do they use nursing covers. There are other things they can use like blankets or wear nursing blouses etc but Mommy's Nursing Covers are made specifically for this activity. They are a binding tool for mom and child and create a sense of comfort and endearing connection during nursing. This is why it’s a good idea that they are now being made by companies that care about their customers' needs and care about parenthood. It’s more special that way.

Diaper Bags

These days, the idea of parents having access to a fashionable diaper bag is not so far fetched. These days a lot of times, diaper bags can double as handbags for parents.

So it’s well worth it to go for a stylish yet functional diaper bag.  A stylish all purpose diaper bag will serve you better than a hideous flowery granny looking diaper bag. Trust me you will be grateful to not have to carry that around every time. It will also make you happier and more like yourself as dealing with only baby stuff may make new parents start to feel like they are losing themselves. Having an item that blends well with your sense of style and you closet definitely, help to make your personality shine through amidst the chaos. As long as the diaper bags have space for diapers. You can also get the ones with pocket space and a washable matte finish, and easily attaches to your stroller, you’ll be good to go.

Diaper bags are one baby product that has exploded immensely. And with this explosion has come an expansion in the market and in available styles. There so many variations of diaper bags now, picking just one might not be an easy task. I’ll discuss a few of the most common styles below.

The Tote Bag: There are also other options like the tote diaper bag. The tote diaper bag is one of the most popular diaper bags and probably one of the oldest styles as well. With this type of diaper bag, you can still pair it with your mini designer bag when you go out. Even though the tote diaper bag is basically a giant handbag that’s able to hold all the diaper and baby stuff parents need you still need to make a fashion statement with your unique piece every now and then. It’s great for traveling and easy to handle even when it’s a big size.

The Stroller Bag: The stroller diaper bag has had some controversy about how safe it is. Some people argue that the weight of the diaper bag might tip the stroller over because it’s hanging on the handle of the stroller. This is a fair concern however, there’s nothing to worry about then it’s done right. When used correctly, the stroller diaper bag is safe. When using the stroller diaper bag you have to consider the weights. The weight of your diaper bag: believe it or not, you can carry up to 50 pounds in your stroller diaper bag.

The rule of thumb is that the heavier your stroller is, the more weight it will take to tip it backward. The stroller bag is not for everyone and is not as common but if you just need extra space on your stroller, it is a good option. You do not have to wear or carry it, and it’s really convenient to put stuff in and out and lastly if you have this type of diaper bag, you can pair it with your designer handbags anytime.

The Backpack bag: Backpacks are one item that stands the test of fashion time and might quite actually stay relevant forever. One reason for this is that they can be paired with this. Depending on the city you are and the fashion identity, you would notice a lot of people carrying an extra bag with their backpacks.  Backpacks have become a regular item in both women and men fashion. They line the racks in every clothing and accessory store and can be seen on models in magazines. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes.

The backpack continues to grow in popularity. This type of backpack check all the boxes for young and hip millennial parents. It fashionable but also socially conscious. Since its faux leather, buyers don’t have to worry about destroying the environment or participating in animal cruelty for the sake of fashion. In addition to these advantages, the Faux Leather Backpack is also aesthetically pleasing and very fashionable. The insides and outsides are made from fully wipeable faux leather which can be pulled out for easy cleaning or wipe down with a damp cloth. It has 10 pockets on the inside and outside.

It even has a keychain hook so you don't have to scramble around looking for the car keys. It also has other variation that better fit the needs of parents. A variation if this is the faux leather backpack diaper bag. A leather diaper bag offers a great advantage to parents. The leather diaper bag is easy to clean and maintain and it looks really sleek and fancy. It has a minimalist diaper bag that's easy to match with any outfit the parent chooses to wear that day. They come in various neutral colors in warm and cool hues for the perfect vibe.